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About Us

About Herbal Prodigy   

Herbal Prodigy was created with one goal in mind; providing a high-quality, innovative and reliable online tea store. Passion for excellence has driven Herbal Prodigy from the very beginning. Tea production requires tremendous knowledge, experience and patience. Whether you are tea lover or new to tea drinking, you would want a tea that stands out from the rest. There are a multitude of different types of tea. Herbal Prodigy prides itself in providing our consumers with fresh, organic and ethically sourced, handcrafted tea. We are an innovative brand that eagerly responds to consumer trends. Cognizant that every product counts, our tea creates a captivating space to invest in yourself.


At Herbal Prodigy, our mission has become set in stone and strive to make this undiscoverable beauty in a cup and tea-lovers alike know their worth health wise. Herbal Prodigy was inspired to create its own tea company and the response echoed everywhere. We will continue to bring true wellness to hearts all around the world. Sharing what has helped us bring healing to our own health has been an honor; and we look forward in assuring your entire shopping experience is as rewarding as possible. 

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